Certification Program

Kansas Certified Nurseryman Program

Is a program developed and administered by the Kansas Nursery and Landscape Association designed to identify individuals who are knowledgeable and experienced enough about our industry to be considered as professionals.

TEST DATES: Next date has not been set, but will be in early December at the John Pair Horticultural Center. Email kansasnla@gmail.com for more information.

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  • Landscape contractors can be assured the Kansas Certified Nurseryman on their staff is capable of handling both job-related problems and follow-up advice to their customers. Turf management, weeds and weed control and the identification of diseases and insects are an integral part of the training process.
  • Garden centers gain a customer service advantage knowing the Kansas Certified Nurseryman has been trained in areas such as sales, display techniques and maintaining nursery stock in the nursery yard. Retailers can feel comfortable offering advise to their customers about plant use and care when a professional is “in the shop”.
  • For the individual, being a Kansas Certified Nurseryman tells the prospective employer about your knowledge of the industry and your commitment to this industry through a program and continuing education. It tells your clients you are a professional and that you maintain a “leading edge” in knowledge of the industry.

Certification Requirements

  1. Show evidence of a minimum of one year’s full-time employment or two year’s part-time employment in the nursery industry. Your major income must be derived from the growing and or marketing and servicing of nursery stock and allied materials which are connected with and essential to garden living.
  2. Pay for the Kansas Certified Training Manual and the required testing fee.
  3. Receive a passing grade in each of the sections of the exam administered by the Certification Committee.The three sections are:
    1.  Written section which covers the Certified Nurseryman’s Training Manual and basic knowledge gained through practical experience in the industry
    2.  Landscaping section which tests the general knowledge of landscape problems. 1/8 scale is needed.
    3. Plant specimen identification. One hundred plant specimens to be identified will be presented as either live specimens or slides.

To maintain certification, pay the KNLA Certification dues of $25 along with your annual membership dues.


The Kansas Certified Nurseryman exam is given each summer during the KNLA summer event and in January at a time and location to be announced in the KNLA newsletter. If you are not receiving the KNLA newsletter, you may contact the KNLA Executive Assistant by email as kansasnla@gmail.com. If there is sufficient interest at any other time of the year, the KNLA Certification Committee will announce a time and location.
If you are interested in scheduling such a test, contact the KNLA Executive Assistant.